It is vital to have a kitchen hood that will adequately remove odor, steam, and smoke from your kitchen and exhaust air to the outside.

An ideal range hood will keep your kitchen and the rest of your home smelling fresh, free from cooking odors, grease, and moisture buildup.

During your kitchen remodel is an excellent time to replace your existing range hood for improved ventilation.

To help you select your ideal range hood, we've laid out the essential elements it should perform to get

Other than removing smoke from your kitchen, vent fans are also critical for:

1. Removes Moisture
The increased humidity in the air can lead to mold and mildew. From boil water to cooking pancakes on the grilled, moisture and condensation can be a significant source of mold and mildew in the kitchen. A good fan will pull the moisture from the air, even one that is vented to the inside.

2. Eliminates Heat
Expelling the hot air from the stove or cooktop can help reduce your air conditioning bill during the hot months. No matter whether you're cooking over a gas or electric stove, heat can build up quickly. If you cook frequently, you will raise your airbill considerably in the summer months.

3. Traps Grease
Reduces the amount of airborne grease in your kitchen to prevent it from collecting on your cabinets and countertop. If you've ever cleaned a removable filter from a vent hood, you know the grease it catches can build up and be difficult to remove. Be sure to choose a vent hood with a removable filter or a disposable filter.

You will want to change or wash your filter every month to keep the grease and food particles from building up.

ProTip Takeaway: A good-quality fan will remove moisture and heat from the air to avoid condensation from forming.

4. Improves Indoor Air Quality
Exhausts formaldehyde and other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your home. This is only true with a vented range hood. These are vented to the outside, so all the air pulled in is blown out.

Non-vented range hoods will pull moisture and trap grease but will only recycle air back into the kitchen.

If you cook weekly or daily, you'll want to get a vented range hood. It is the only way to keep cooking odors from building up over time. Even if you must do a little extra remodel to make way for the ductwork, it will be well worth the money and effort.

5. Operates Quietly
This is a biggie when choosing the best kitchen hood. Make sure the fan is quiet enough, or it will feel as if you have the sound of the jet engine in your kitchen. The "sones" level is the measurement of sound decibels output. So, getting a range hood with a lower sones rating is ideal. To ensure you have control over your fan, select a kitchen hood that has a multiple fan speed mechanism.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing
Don't let the appearance of the range hood be the last check item on your list. The overall look, style, and finish of your range hood is critical in the enjoyment of the unit over time. Choose a metal or finish that melds with the stove or go for a total contrast with a copper range hood set over a stainless-steel cooktop.

ProTip Takeaway: A kitchen hood that is vented to the outside is the best choice for those who cook frequently.

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